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4 Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Plumbing Tested Before Moving To A New House

Family unpacking boxes after moving houses

Moving to a new house? Congratulations! Moving can be hectic and overwhelming. You’ll have about a thousand things to do in the process, from packing and unpacking, getting your main utilities running, to setting up your new home. But, before you move into the new house, you must get your home inspected to check for plumbing repairs.

While repairs can be dealt with even after you’ve moved in, knowing what repairs there are and how much you’ll be spending can help plan your finances. Even if no repairs are required, plumbing maintenance will save future repair costs. If you’re moving to an old property that hasn’t been lived in much, it’s vital to check your plumbing.

Here’s a checklist of plumbing repairs you need to look out for and why!


Clogged drains can be a pain! Improper drainage can cause flooding and increase your maintenance costs. A detailed home inspection includes checking the drains for any waste or debris blocking them. Your drainage system needs to be separate from your water supply system to avoid any health concerns. For minor drain clogs, order and use Bio-Clean to break waste particles and ease your pain.

Water Supply System

The water supply system is almost like the heart of the house, because really, who doesn’t need water. A licensed plumber needs to ensure the water meter is not faulty as it controls the water flow in the house. A faulty or damaged water meter can waste excessive amounts of water by misreading water usage and increase your water bills. Water supply lines will also have to be inspected to check for leaks.

Cleaning the toilet with a brush

Check The Toilets

Imagine having guests over for a housewarming party and your flush clogs. Horrifying, embarrassing, dreadful doesn’t describe your experience well enough.

Before moving in, inspecting your toilets for possible cracks, leaks or clogs is essential. Loose toilets will also have to be secured as they might cause someone to fall over and get hurt.

If you aren’t satisfied with the toilet, you can always install a new one. Your1Plumber offers a variety of toilet options and ensure proper installation. If you live in Maryland, our plumbing company provides services in Montgomery County, Columbia, Silver Spring and Prince George.

Brrr… Coldwater!

Moving houses will excite and exhaust you. After a tiring day of moving and unpacking, you’re going to want to release your muscle tension with a hot shower. But, if you haven’t gotten your water heater inspected before moving in, you’ll only be getting a cold shower.

If your new house has been lived in before, ask the owners about your water heater’s age. If your water heater is older than 10 years, maintenance won’t help much. You’ll have to replace the water heater. Only hire a licensed plumber to inspect your water heater and install a new one if needed. Depending on where you reside, hire a plumber in Columbia or our other service areas from Your1Plumber.

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