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4 Shower Problems And How Expert Plumbing Can Fix Them

Man facing water shortage

After a long and tiring day, all you need is a hot shower to wash away your exhaustion and fatigue. Showers are not just hygienic but also therapeutic. So, when your shower runs out of hot water or doesn’t give you adequate water pressure, we understand your frustration.

To make your shower time stress-free, we have prepared a list of common shower problems and their solutions.

Reduced Water Pressure

Imagine you’re getting ready for a refreshing shower and just as you turn the tap, there’s barely any water pressure to wash your hands, let alone your body. Several reasons can cause reduced water pressure. An old or leaky shower faucet is one of them.

If you detect an issue with your shower faucet, all you have to do is call our plumber to replace it with a high-flow shower faucet. Another reason could be dirt stacked in your water pipes cause water pressure to break.

A professional plumber will clean your pipes and restore the water flow. If your plumbing system is designed like a tree trunk branching pipes out to different fixtures in your house, then your low pressure could be due to water diverting elsewhere.

If you’re showering in a bathroom on one end of the house, and someone flushes the toilet on the other end, water is most like heading towards the flush and abandoning you.

As sad as that sounds, it can be solved easily. If you’re looking for a plumber in Columbia, or surrounding areas call Your1Plumber to adjust your supply valve and equally distribute water in your house.

Hot Water Delay

Excited for a relaxing hot shower, you can’t wait to jump in! But you have to wait a few minutes till the hot water comes through. Not only is the waiting period annoying, but also wastes a significant amount of water in the process.

Your1Plumber offers tankless water heater installation to heat your water on demand. The next time you’re ready for a quick shower or getting late for plans, your hot water will be waiting for you.

Clogged Drain

The shower might clog because of hair or dirt getting stuck in the drains. These clogs can be cleared by pouring boiling water down the drain, using wire to remove and pull out material stuck on the drain or pouring vinegar to unclog it. If none of these preventive measures work, then order Bio-Clean or call a professional plumber from Your1Plumber.

A Rush of Hot Water

A sudden burst of scalding hot water can be painful and might result in a hospital visit one day. The reason for hot water bursts is also the tree trunk plumbing system. Who knew toilet flush on one end of the house could be painful for you? To solve this shower issue, you just need to adjust the amount of cold water used in your toilet and leave enough for a hot and cold balance in your shower.

While these shower problems are quite common and can occur at any time, the best way to avoid them is by getting regular plumbing maintenance. Regular maintenance will detect problems that you might not have even discovered yet and saved you future repair bills.

Our licensed plumbers provide swift and reliable service in Silver Spring. We extend our services to Montgomery County, Frederick County, Howard County, Columbia, and Prince George’s County. For more information about inspection, maintenance, bathroom plumbing, kitchen plumbing, and other services, contact us.

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