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5 Signs Your Electric Water Heater Needs Replacement

Are you waking up to cold water baths in the morning? It’s time you replace your water heater with a new one.

Warm running water is vital for everyday living—from handwashing to showers to cooking and laundry—but if that warm water runs out, that’s when the real problem begins.

Tankless water heater

If your water heater is acting up sooner or later, you’re going to need to replace it. If you’ve had the same water heater for over a decade and it’s starting to give you problems, it’s about time you replace it.

It’s also essential you get a new heater installed by experienced plumbers in Fedrick, MD, to prevent further issues.

If your water heater experiences the following problems, you will need a replacement asap.

1.    Coldwater

It’s a no-brainer that if your electrical heater gives out cold water, there’s some issue with its operation. An internal malfunction or an electrical fault may cause this problem.

If your shower is warm and quickly turns to cold even though your heater is still running, you’ll need a plumbing professional in MD to look at it.

2.    Loud noises

Little to no noise is usually expected from electrical water heaters. If you begin to notice your water heater creating a racket in your house, this indicates an issue that needs immediate professional assistance.

3.    Black or Rusty particles in water

A water heart uses electrical anodes to heat the water before sending it to your shower or faucet. This anode due to excessive heating will eventually start to dissolve, causing scale build-up.

The most straightforward option, in this case, is a water heater replacement.

4.    Foul-smelling water

If the water coming out of the shower has a foul-smelling odor, the culprit here is again the anode rods used for heating. Bacteria in the secondary tank is also a reason that your shower water has a terrible odor.

5.    Leaking unit

Water should stay insider your electrical heater. If you see it pooling below the heater or the surrounding pipes, there’s an issue that needs taking care of.

One of the leading causes for your water heater leak is the continuous expansion and contraction of the system. As electrical heaters generate more heat energy due to a continuous electrical supply, these fractures can be disastrous when the pressure becomes too much to handle.

Electrical water heater installation in Fredrick, MD!

As a local plumbing company in Fredrick, MD, we can answer all your questions about water heaters,

Our experts at Your1Plumber provide plumbing services throughout Columbia, Montgomery County, and Silver Spring. From heater maintenance and installation to repairing the plumbing lines, we’ve got you covered.

Book an appointment today to replace your old electrical heater!

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