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Why DIY Drain Cleaning is a Bad Idea

Why DIY Drain Cleaning is a Bad Idea

Notice your drains are a little slow lately? It happens to the best of us. You’re washing the dishes or taking a shower and you notice the water begins to back up. Again.

The first thing that comes to your mind is that thick, gooey liquid that sizzles out the minute you toss it in the drain. It seems to work…for the time being at least.

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A Guide To The Best Plumbing Materials


Plumbing choices like the right material for plumbing and the right plumber are of immense importance. The wrong choice will mean damage to your house and an increase in your repair and replacements costs in the future.

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Plumbing Inspection: Kitchen Fixtures Edition

Plumbing Inspection

When plumbing issues erupt out of the blue, they can do severe damage to your property. It’s better to have your plumbing system regularly inspected, so that you’re able to take the appropriate steps to either fix or limit the damage to your plumbing system.

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Kitchen Plumbing: The Common Types of Problems

Kitchen Plumbing

A fully-functional kitchen is essential for a happy home. It requires well-operational plumbing in order to run smoothly. Plumbing problems can cause major inconvenience for inhabitants of the house and disrupt the flow of everyday routine.

Some kitchen plumbing problems can be overcome with simple DIY hacks; others, not so much; they may require professional assistance.

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How to Respond In Case Of a Dish Washer Leak?

How to Respond In Case Of a Dish Washer Leak

Water damage and flooding are commonly caused by malfunctioning appliances or faulty plumbing. It’s recommended that you run your dishwasher appliance in your presence so that you can look out for any leaks or plumbing issues. Yet there are still people who don’t abide by these basic rules, which as a result, leaves them with a flooded kitchen.

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