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How Often Should My Sump Pump Be Cleaned?


How often do you think about your sump pump? Our guess is, not too often! Sump pumps are the magicians working behind the scenes. If you have a basement in your house and are prone to flooding, you know what a sump pump is needed for. But to understand how often a sump pump needs to be cleaned, it’s important to know how a sump pump works.

Sump pumps work on ridding your home from groundwater regularly and removing large amounts of water during a crisis or disaster such as a thunderstorm. Depending on how often and extensively they’re used, most sump pumps require annual maintenance and cleaning. However, before doing anything to the sump pump, its power source needs to be disconnected. Read more to know when your sump pump needs to be cleaned and why.


If your sump is being used to dispose of the washing machine or dishwashing water, in addition to getting rid of groundwater, it needs to be cleaned every month. You will have to clean the inlet and screen to avoid any blockage by debris or waste particles. Blockage can damage the pump and cause it to leak.


Even if your sump pump isn’t disposing of machine water, it will benefit from quarterly cleaning. The inlet needs more frequent cleaning. Every few months, make sure the pump is working efficiently by pumping out a bucket of water and draining it quickly. Remember to check the outlet pipes for any corrosion or damage, ensure they’re intact and draining at a distance from your home.


Disconnect the power source and remove the pump from the pit for cleaning. Check and clean the drainage pipes, screen, the pit and fill with water before putting the pump back together. It’s crucial to keep the pump from running dry.

Battery-powered sumps are often vulnerable to power outages amidst extreme weather conditions. The sump pump’s battery will also have an average life span and will require replacement after a certain time period.

Most back-up sumps are water-powered to run through power outages. These would also require annual cleaning and maintenance. If you’re looking to hire a plumber in Columbia, Maryland, Your1Plumber offers same-day service and flexible payment options.

While you can manage cleaning the sump pump on your own, hiring a professional for annual inspection and maintenance will help extend the sump pump’s lifespan. A professional will inspect the power source, valve, pit, the back-up sump pump and power source, and the location where water should be disposed of. For repair or replacement only call a licensed plumber.

We provide our services for sump pump maintenance, repair and installation throughout Montgomery County, Frederick County, Howard County, Silver Spring, Columbia and Prince George’s County. For more information about our services, contact us.

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