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Columbia Plumber

Your 1 Plumber; the Only Plumbing Services Company You Need to Know About

Why wait for a local plumbing service to show up at your door when Your 1 Plumber can do it on the same day?

That right! We offer emergency plumbing services all across Columbia on the very same day you place a call with us!

As long as we’ve received your call before noon, we’ll be at your doorstep, ready to solve any kind of plumbing emergency you may be facing.

Here are some problems we can help fix for you:

In the Kitchen

Everyday use can wear out the sink, clog the drains or mess up the disposal system. This doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a leaky faucet. We know you’ve got dishes to do and a home to run! As the center point of pretty much every house, we make sure we arrive in due time to fix any plumbing emergency in your kitchen. As an added bonus, can also help you fix your broken dishwasher!

In the Bathroom

The slightest breaks and leaks in your bathroom can snowball into a major inconvenience. We understand that your morning routine can set the tone for the remainder of your day and that’s why we offer same day repairs for all kinds of bathroom plumbing! We can also install new showerheads, toilets and replace any broken fixtures!

In the Sewer and Waterlines

Old sewer lines can become clogged up over time. This can cause a big mess for your bathroom toilets, sinks, tubs and other drainage lines inside the house that begin to flow in reverse. Sometimes the water lines located outside of your house get stressed with too much pressure. Other times they begin showing signs of chemical contamination. No matter how complicated the issue is, we’ve got some of the best plumbers in town to help you through your plumbing emergency! We can also install brand new sewer lines if your current system is beyond repair.

And that’s not all! Our experienced technicians are well versed with a variety of plumbing problems and can:

– Repair your water heater tankers and regulate its temperature to customized levels.

– Replace gas pipelines from your kitchen.

– Repair your garbage disposal system and install a new one if needed.

– Install brand new sump pumps if your current one is beyond repair. We can also provide you with sump pumps that don’t rely on electricity or portable batteries!

– Replace parts of your home well system.

With all these features and plumbing services, how can you ever need another local plumbing company again? Your 1 Plumber is one of the best local plumbing companies in Columbia and can provide you with same-day services, even on the weekends!

We’re 100 percent licensed and insured and use only the best technology to service your home! With our in-line camera and TV systems, we can spot the root cause of any leakage, breakage or blockage in your home’s plumbing fixtures.

Call us toll-free at 1 (888) 540 7586 to resolve a plumbing emergency or simply get in touch for routine maintenance work!

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