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Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is the most frequent call we get as plumbers, and we have the routine down pat. Whether it’s your bathroom or kitchen that’s clogged, we will get in there to get things flowing again rapidly. We even offer in-line video inspections to ensure that we’ve fully handle the problem. Call us now for same-day service,* we know how important it is and will make you our first priority!

Drain Cleaning Frederick

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Sewer Drain Cleaning Contractors

As professional plumbing contractors, we understand how important a working drain is to your daily life, and there is no request to us that is more important than yours. When you have a clogged drain that won’t fix with a plunger or other home remedy, give us a call to get same-day service* that will fix it for good.

When it comes to bathroom drains being clogged, it’s usually the tub and shower that are the culprits, thanks to hair accumulating and stopping the passageway. It’s best to physically remove the hair, but if you can’t get to it, we will get it out of there.

You can use a safe enzyme-based drain cleaner, such as BioClean, that will help prevent stoppages in the future. Be careful though about using drain cleaning chemicals, see our warning below.

As far as kitchen drains clogging up, the most common clog is from the kitchen sink, which is often from liquid fats getting stuck in the drainpipes. When you wash grease, egg shells, coffee grounds, oil, or similar matter down the drain, the liquid fats get deposited along the walls of the pipes when the water cools. This forms a wall of grease along the pipe wall, and they continue to accumulate until water and other particles can no longer get through.

You can prevent your kitchen drains from clogging frequently by pouring excess grease into a tin can and throwing it out, rather than putting it down the sink drain. And when you do use your garbage disposal, make sure you let enough cold water run through to carry the particles down and through into the main line to avoid buildup.

Plumbing Drain Cleaning Service

We’re here to help when the usual home remedies haven’t worked out. If we need to use an in-line video inspection to find the exact location of the buildup and ensure we’ve gotten it completely out of the way, we’re prepared.

We have the most high-tech, extensive and efficient range of plumbing services you’ll find, and are ready to do whatever it takes to unclog your drains! Whether it’s a simple drain cleaning that’s needed, or there’s a buildup in the way, we will find it and handle it for you.

Sometimes the pipes have been infiltrated by roots, or broken by rocks or the ground shifting, in which case we’ll replace them with PVC pipes that don’t allow roots to invade, nor will they corrode as steel pipes eventually do.

Call us now to get one of our plumbers out to your home today to do a thorough drain cleaning and help get your life back in order!

A helpful tip for when you’re trying to unclog it on your own is to use a plunger as a suction cycle, rather than as a pressure-generator. Using a wooden-handled plunger with a large rubber suction cup at the end, cup it tightly over the drain you are trying to unclog at plunge it vigorously a few times. Push slowly, ensuring the seal over the mouth of the drain isn’t broken, and then pull quickly so it will loosen the stoppage (not pack it down).

If you’ve got a double drain on the sink, ensure the other opening is sealed well so that it doesn’t come out the other side and surprise you! You can also clean drain pipes out by removing the J-bend on the trap, just below the fixture.

Here are things to avoid putting down your pipes as they frequently cause sewage backups:

drain unclogging

- Diapers
- Feminine hygiene products
- Coffee grounds
- Oil (cooking)
- Paper products
- Food particles
- Disposable wipes
- Grease
- Dirt
- Hair

Important Safety Information About Drain Cleaning Chemicals
Sometimes drain cleaning chemicals work, and sometimes they don’t, but either way they can be extremely dangerous to use and can cause severe burns and/or property damage. Please read this info before mixing up a deadly cocktail!

If the label says to protect your skin, eyes, or clothes, then do it! These drain cleaning chemicals work by eating organic matter, and they won’t know the difference between your body and what’s in the toilet.

If after one usage it hasn’t cleared the clog, don’t add more of the chemical; that will make it more dangerous.

Do NOT mix different drain chemicals -- ever -- the fumes from these mixes have killed people before they had the chance to dial 911.

If/when you call a plumber after it doesn’t work, ensure you tell us what you used so that neither your property our our lives are in danger, either!

If you’re using a septic system these chemicals could change the pH balance in your system and cause serious problems. Instead, use biological treatments as preventive measures to keep things flowing.

If you’ve got leftover drain cleaning chemicals, we’ll buy them back from you, for up to $20, with a paid service call!

Bathroom need drain cleaning?
We put you as our number one priority!
Call us now Local Toll Free
1 (888) 540-7586

We provide drain cleaning services in Frederick, Columbia, Silver Spring and all surrounding areas.

*Same Day Service Guarantee: Weather permitting, call before noon, Monday - Friday. Call for weekend availability, priority service only.

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