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Install Sewer Lines

If you’re looking to install sewer lines at your home, let our plumbers take care of it. We know how to excavate old sewer pipes and put in new ones with the trenchless method that allows your yard to stay beautiful from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for simple repairs, or for a whole new set of sewer lines, leave the job to us!

Install Sewer Lines Frederick

Ready to install sewer lines?
Our teams will do a great job
Call us Local Toll Free
1 (888) 540-7586

As your plumbing contractor we are available six days a week to help you today with the plumbing services you need. Call to find out more about how we can handle:

  • Clogged sewer lines
  • Replacing sewer lines
  • Install sewer pipes

Install Sewer Lines Without Trenches

We prefer to install sewer lines with the trenchless method, where we dig one small hole near the street and bring the new piping into your home from there, however there can be unforeseen circumstances that will prevent that from working. In those cases, we will have to revert to the traditional digging method. Either way, we will make sure that your new pipes are flawless, and ready to withstand any task your plumbing may require of them.

Replace Sewer Lines

Older pipes will need to get replaced at some point; it’s just a question of when. Depending on the material your lines are made out of will determine how long they can last, along with environmental factors such as the ground shifting, etc. Cast iron lines generally last longer than the rest, and can go up to 75 or 100 years before needing to be replaced, if kept in good shape. One of the leading contenders of modern plumbing is the PVC pipe, which can last upwards of 100 years.

When our plumbers come out to inspect your property for a pipe replacement, we’ll gauge the most effective pipes for your home and advise you from there. No matter which route we take, when we install sewer lines for your home, we’ll get it done to your full satisfaction, guaranteed.

sewer line repair

Repair Sewer Pipes

Your sewer pipes have a big responsibility; they carry away all waste matter and used water from your home. When there is a major clog, backup, or rupture in the sewer lines, it can get messy quick. You need a plumbing company that will be there for you as fast as possible, and who will do an effective job, so you aren’t faced with the same mess again next week.

Our plumbers are up to the task. With our state-of-the-art equipment and latest technologies to hand, we will find the real source of the problem and repair your sewer lines rapidly. We even have an in-line camera we can utilize if the problem is hard to find, or we want to ensure that we’ve gotten the clog or buildup fully handled. With this camera, we’re able to pull up a view of the underground right on a TV so we can really see what’s occurring with your sewer pipes. This is an ideal way to tackle clogs, roots, or other blockages to ensure they are fully resolved, and our technicians are ready to use it on your lines if need be. Call now to lock in your same-day service!*

We can install sewer lines
Without digging up your yard
Call Local Toll Free
1 (888) 540-7586

We install sewer lines in Frederick, Columbia, Silver Spring and all surrounding areas. We’re a plumbing company that is dedicated to providing you with the best service in town, and that’s backed by both our reputation and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Find out more about us by checking us out on Best Pick Reports or the BBB. We’re also members of QSC and PHCC.

*Same Day Service Guarantee: Weather permitting, call before noon, Monday - Friday. Call for weekend availability, priority service only.

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