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Sump Pump Installation

When sump pump installation is done right by our professional technicians you are ensuring you will get the longest life out of your sump pump. With an inoperative sump pump you run the risk of water damage and even flooding in your basement. So for correctly-done sump pump installation by a licensed plumbing contractor, we are just a call away!

Sump Pump Installation Frederick

Don’t risk water damage to your property
Call us Local Toll Free
1 (888) 540-7586

As a fully licensed and insured plumbing company your home stays protected when you hire us. We believe in treating your home with respect, so you can rest easy knowing you hired a professional. As with all of our plumbing services, we follow exact procedures so that your sump pump installation is done right the first time.

Basement Sump Pump Installation

When your home is below the water table, a sump pump is a necessity. The one action we recommend above all else for basement sump pumps is maintenance, as by looking after your pump it will have a drastically increased lifespan.

Where a sump pump is too old, or was poorly installed, and doesn’t last for the expected lifespan, it will need replacement. Our plumbers can carry out a sump pump installation properly, and it will come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you’ll have no concerns about the quality of the work!

Choosing the right pump is essential as every home is different. Our plumbers are not just experts at sump pump installation, but can also provide our professional opinion on what the best sump pump is for your home. By choosing the right one you can get a more efficient and longer lasting pump. Give us a call to speak to a professional; we’ll help you find the right model for your needs!

sump pump repair

Backup Sump Pump

When your home is in a high risk area, you don’t want to rely on just one pump; by having a backup you can avoid potential damage from flooding until you’ve had a chance to call in one of our plumbers to replace the broken sump pump. Even when you have a simple fault such as a float switch not activating, a backup sump pump can mean the difference between a simple repair and a disaster for your home.

If your home does not currently have a backup sump pump, you can call us to come and install one for you. As your plumbing contractor we can do every step from surveying your location and recommending the right pump for your home, all the way through the to the wiring and final testing.

If your home is not in a high risk area and you aren’t sure whether you need a sump pump installation, there are a few things you can look for. If you notice moisture, or the basement area feels damp, then you might have an area where moisture is seeping in. Even if your area hasn’t flooded in 10 years, it’s better to be safe and know that your sump pump will work when you need it the most.

Don’t get caught with wet feet during storm season
Stay on top with a swift sump pump installation!
Call Local Toll Free 1 (888) 540-7586

We can carry out sump pump installation in Frederick, Columbia, Silver Spring and all surrounding areas.

*Same Day Service Guarantee: Weather permitting, call before noon, Monday - Friday. Call for weekend availability, priority service only.

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