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Baby Blues: Preparing Your Home’s Plumbing For A Baby

Having a baby is the most wonderful feeling in the world for couples. It’s your opportunity to create a family and a legacy of the two of you. However, there’s a lot of preparation involved in welcoming a child into the world. Couples must prepare mentally to have a child and make a few changes around their home too, to provide a safe environment for the baby.


However, what couples tend to forget about is preparing their home’s plumbing. Here are a few ways you can update your home’s plumbing for a baby:

Baby-proof the bathroom

Baby-proofing products are meant to keep your baby safe and they prevent them from getting hurt. There are a number of baby-proofing bathroom products you can get like faucet covers and toilet seat locks. Faucet covers are essential, especially for the bathtub. You never know when a child learns to turn the faucet on. Covers also prevent them from hitting their head against faucets.

As for toilet seat covers, they ensure a child doesn’t try to use the toilet in the absence of an adult.

Fix all leaks

Any leaks in the plumbing can lead issues ranging from mold growth to structural damage. These plumbing repairs are time consuming and can be invasive in nature, which isn’t good when there’s a new born in the house. Make sure all these repairs are done well in advance.

Install a water softener

Hard water is defined as water with high mineral content. Areas with hard water tend to have high gypsum and limestone content. The water ends up having a high calcium and sulfur content which leaves behind a residue. This residue is harmful to a newborn’s skin and hair. Have a water softener installed before the arrival of the baby. Water softeners remove excess minerals from the water supplied to a home.

Have the water heater seen to

Water heaters are a necessity when you have a baby. Babies have to be bathed in lukewarm water, plus it helps if the mom ever needs to fill up a hot water bottle or heat a heating pad.

Make sure the water heater maintenance is done and the thermostat is working well. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, you could end up having a shower that’s too hot or too cold which isn’t ideal.

We at Your1Plumber can help you prepare your home’s plumbing for the arrival of a baby. Our technicians provide quick and effective plumbing solutions to clients in Columbia. Our services extend to areas like Silver Spring, Frederick,MD, and Prince George. We provide toilet installation, drain cleaning, kitchen plumbing, and much more. Call 1 (888) 540 7586 to book a service with us.

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