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Save On Your Next Energy Bill with These 5 Tips for Water Heaters

a volt meter of a water heater

According to, water heaters account for almost 18% of your energy bill, which is the biggest energy expense in your house.

You can save on your next energy bill by adopting water-conserving habits. Here are some useful tips you must know:

1.      Lower the Thermostat

Many manufacturers set the thermostats of their water heater at 140F while households are comfortable at 120F.

However, you can make some adjustments in temperature before taking a shower that will cut costs and lower the speed of mineral buildup and reduce scalding in a water heater.

2.      Insulate Water Storage Tank And Pipes

When you insulate your electric water tank, you reduce the risk of heat loss and prevent the unit from frequently turning on. Hence, make sure you follow the recommendations like uncover the heater’s burner, thermostat, and top-bottom areas. For professional insulation, you can contact Your1plumber!

Besides insulating the tank itself, consider insulting the first 5 feet of both cold and hot water pipes connected with the unit. This way, you will not only save energy but also prevent your property from fire hazards.

3.      Install Heat Traps

Heat traps control the flow of cold water into the tank but prevent unwanted convection and heated water from flowing from the same unit. Many advanced water heaters contain built-in heat traps, but people with the old-fashion unit must consider heat traps as a worthwhile option.

4.      Drain the Water Tank

Draining water tanks every year is a good practice; it will help remove sediment easily and keep the water heater functional. Sediment buildup can impede heat transfer and decrease the water heater’s efficiency.

5.      Install a Timer

If you may notice, traditional water heater tanks are always running, which is a huge waste of electricity and money. To overcome this habit, you can install a timer to turn off the heater when not using it. This is a great and effective way to help conserve energy, save money, and increase its lifespan.

At Your1plumber, we offer water heater installation, repair, replacement, and complete plumbing services in Frederick. We aim to deliver satisfactory, reliable, and cost-efficient services. For more details, contact us!

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