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Top Ways You’re Wasting Water Around Your House

As water is a precious resource, it is important to use it carefully. Many homes are thus adopting green methods to reduce water wastage. Despite this, water wastage still occurs in your home in ways you may not have thought of. Here are some ways to check for water wastage in your home and solve the issue.

A woman hold a plastic bag filled with water

Lawn and Plants

You should try watering the lawn and plants around late afternoon or in the evening, when the sun isn’t directly overhead. Strong heat will cause the water to evaporate quickly, and the water will end up getting wasted instead. This will also ensure your plants get as much water as they need.


While laundry may seem like a daunting chore that you want to get done with as quickly as possible, it is better to wait to do it with a full load. An average washing cycle takes up a lot of water, and this would be wasted if you’re washing only a few items.

Plumbing Leaks

Leaks due to damaged water pipelines or cracked ones slowly lead to wastage. They can also become a slipping hazard and are hazardous if in contact with electrical outlets nearby. It’s always best to fix leaks as soon as possible or more damage could occur to the plumbing system.


Instead of using water to clean your driveways, steps or outside seating areas, use a broom. This will help you clear the mess up without causing others to bring their wet shoe marks in.

A person washes a dish in the kitchen sink


Turn Off Faucets

Water can be wasted if it’s left to run when you’re washing dishes, brushing your teeth or washing your face. It may be out of habit, but you can remind yourself to turn the faucet off whenever you’re doing these activities and gradually build better habits.

If you are facing water wastage due to leaks and cracks in the plumbing system in your home, then it is better to contact professionals to fix this issue. You can hire plumbers in Columbia here.

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