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Why You Should Child-Proof Your Home’s Plumbing?

Young parents with their newborn baby

Most parents opt to child-proof their homes to protect their baby from any harm that might come their way. Especially for parents expecting their first-born, child-proofing your home to avoid unnecessary risks is imperative.

Every year almost 9.2 million children are taken to the emergency room due to unintentional injuries. More than one-third of these injuries happen at home. While it’s impossible to watch out for every threat or danger posed to your child, reducing the risks by being prepared is possible. Read more to know how child-proofing your home’s plumbing can significantly reduce the risk of injuries at home.

Standing Water

Imagine your bathroom has a clogged drain that causes water to stand. Now, this water might be very shallow and reach your ankles, so you wouldn’t worry too much about it. Reality is, you should be very worried. Research shows that standing water can be incredibly dangerous for toddlers. Children have been known to drown in water as shallow as one inch deep. It’s crucial to ensure that your plumbing doesn’t cause water to stand anywhere in your home.

Hot Water

Now try imagining your geezer has malfunctioned. With no way to control the temperature, chances are your taps might have scalding water in them. As adults, we can exercise our discretion and turn off a tap if we find the water too hot. This is not the case with children. In fact, if a child turns on a tap and the water is too hot, they might be too afraid to even turn it off! So, a malfunctioning geezer could burn your child and be a potential life hazard.

Young woman plumbing sink

Water Wastage

Children love water. They love playing in it. They love leaving the tap on and the water running. With no automatic timer in place, this could be disastrous in multiple ways. It could lead to flooding, water stagnation and also finish the water in your home, all the while increasing your water bill.

Overflowing Toilets

Another thing children love is independence. For every child, the day they finally use the bathroom without help is a great milestone.

This often leads to multiple unnecessary trips to the toilet and several flushes! Unfortunately, it’s not always their excrement that goes down the flush. As the swirling fascinates them, children will try to flush household objects down the toilet. This will lead to a disaster and toilets will overflow, leading to a serious safety hazard. Children’s access to the toilet must therefore be limited by childproofing.

If you have older children, giving them plumbing lessons can help avoid injuries and repairs. You might even get a helping hand and save costs on your home’s plumbing. At Your1Plumber, we believe in making your home environment safe and secure.

We can help you prepare your home for your baby. Our technicians provide quick plumbing solutions in Columbia and we extend our services to Montgomery County, Frederick County, Howard County, Silver Spring, and Prince George’s County. For more information about kitchen plumbing, toilet installation, water filtration and other services, contact us.

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